Friday, October 7, 2011

Mesdames' New Look!

Friends and fans, as you know or don't know, Mesdames Des Macarons is a small, young, very young company of women working together to bring traditional French macarons to the masses (well, the local masses for now).  We've created a tasty, sweet, and out-of-the-box treat and are slowly introducing everyone on Cape Cod to the macaron.  We've also been bumbling through all the admin that goes along with creating a company (however small or large, the work is monumentous).  We can't do everything alone, though.  So when it came to creating an image, we turned to our family.  More specifically, Katy the baker turned to her brother, Mike the artist.  This is what he created:
And we LOVE IT!  We hope you do too, because this little dame is here to stay.

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