Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mesdames in the Kitchen and Beyond

Everything seems to settle down a little after a holiday or event, which gives us time to do some experimenting in the kitchen -- everything from the kind of sprinkles that work best on top of our macarons (specifically sprinkles that don't cause craters in the cookie shells as they melt in the oven), to exactly how much cocoa to use in the chocolate macarons, and every little thing in between.  With all the macarons coming out of the kitchen, it's a good thing that we've been invited to a few graduation parties where we can share some of our success and sometimes messy failures.

Some new flavors are under consideration, as well as some new business developments.  At this stage, we're taking things rather slowly, perfecting each element so that we don't have to back track and try all over again.  Part of our trials and tribulations at the moment are sorting out shipping details.  I (Katy) posted a dozen macarons via the USPS to a friend in California.  She reported back that most of the macarons made it in tact, despite the postman tossing the fragile-labelled box over their gate instead of placing it down.  Not to say it was his fault, though.  This is the exact sort of treatment a box of any sort is expected to receive, fragile or not.  Fortunately, my personal employers at Gustare Oils and Vinegars are kind and supportive enough to allow the blossoming Mesdames des Macarons use of their Fedex account and supplies.  Our next shipment test will hopefully be even more of a success than the last.

Stick with us, and if anyone wants to participate in a shipping experiment for a discounted rate, please contact us at


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