Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions - Question 1, 2 and 3

1. How do you pronounce Mesdames des Macarons?

Our company name is pronounced may-daam day mac-a-rON.  Basically, you should not pronounce any of the s's in our name.

2. What does Mesdames des Macarons Mean?

It is French for "The Macaron Ladies"

3. Who are the Macaron Ladies?

Katy is the Macaron Lady.  She runs the show from updating the blog and facebook page, to baking, to arranging deliveries and networking.  So shouldn't the business be called The Macaron Lady?  Maybe, but without the constant help and inspiration of her friends Michelle, Liz and Erin, there would never have been a business in the first place.  Michelle also helps run the websites and sell macarons at fairs.  Erin is a qualified bow-tier, and Liz came up with the name in the first place!

More Frequently Asked Questions will appear on our blog, and be added to the FAQ tab at the side bar on our website. 

Do you have any questions for us?  Leave a comment or email us and we'll answer them.

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