Friday, April 27, 2012

How to Order

Bonjour Friends,

Here are the simple guidelines and steps for ordering your favorite macarons for any event:
  • Macaron orders are accepted at all times.
  • Macarons cost $2.75 each.
  • Current flavors are posted on this site regularly, as well as on our facebook page. Newsletter subscribers will receive email updates when the current flavors list is updated
  • Please allow 7 to 10 days for your order to be completed and shipped.
  • Shipping is $20 for orders under two dozen. Larger orders will be quoted shipping costs.
  • To place your order, email  In your email please include:
    • You name
    • Your phone number
    • When you need your order completed and delivered by
    • How many dozen of which flavor
    • Any specific food allergies you or anyone you are sharing with might have
    • Special requests for packaging or presentation (for example, if you are ordering macarons for a princess party and you would like vanilla bean macarons, but would like them to be colored pink.)
    • How you heard about Mesdames des Macarons
  • We accept cash or check upon delivery for orders under $50.00.  Orders over $50.00 must be paid in advance via paypal or check/money order in the mail.  (To pay via paypal, Mesdames des Macarons will send you a personalized paypal email request.)
Les Mesdames


  1. Do you have a pick up location locally?

  2. 1. Patricia Boucher

    2. 603-247-0150

    3. Delivered before December 21st if possible

    4. No allergies

    5. No special requests

    6. I would like two dozen. Is it possible to mix flavors?
    3 vanilla truffle
    3 salted caramel popcorn
    3 cookie dough
    3 white chocolate rose
    3 lemon zest
    3 chocolate orange
    3 vienna chocolate truffle
    3 vanilla bean with winter time sprinkles

    Thanks so much. Katy makes the best macarons I've ever had. I have a PayPal account,