Friday, December 7, 2012

Sharing Special Moments

Bon jour!  Of late, most of our entries on this blog have been purely promotional.  Other than the matching Facebook status updates, Les Mesdames don't have many opportunities or avenues for communicating with our friends and fellow fans of les macarons.  How else are you supposed to know what flavors are available and how to order them?

As useful as the blog has been for promoting our little (tiny) business, as the owner/co-founder/primary baker, I think it would be interesting and insightful for you if I took a little time every week to share what's going on behind the scenes of Mesdames des Macarons.

It would seem an awfully cumbersome time of year to begin a regular blog post ritual; however, I find I accomplish so much more this time of year than any other.  My mind and body are turned up all the way to maximum in order to keep in step with all of the email orders flooding in, and the requests coming in from Gustare guests for more flavors and more volume of macarons for sale.
My main reason for starting the blog today, though, is much simpler.  Today, for the first time this season, I had a taste of my own creations.  While I unpacked the little three-piece packs I brought into Gustare to sell, I took up a pack that contained Pistachio Hazelnut, Chocolate Orange, and Lemon Zest.  The little pack called out my name in a whisper.  How could I resist?  Really?  So a cup of tea later, I was savoring the soft cakey texture of the Chocolate Orange macaron like never before.
Amidst the storm of baking I do this time of year, I very rarely take a moment out of my time, and even more rarely do I take a macaron out of a batch.  So sitting down with a macaron in the middle of the day was a treat. 
It was in that moment that I decided, you know what, I should share these moments with you.  Shouldn't I?  And what better way than to open my kitchen door and let you in a little.  We'll explore the process of macaronage a little at a time.  I'll share joint pain stories and sweet moments of macaron-inspired happiness.
I would also like to invite you, my friends, to share your stories.  You are welcome to leave comments on this blog or email us at to share your stories and special moments.  Pictures are, of course, welcome too.
Until next week then.
A bientot!

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