Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Another Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's to all of our friends, from Les Mesdames.
To celebrate, a limited supply of sweet treats are available for sale at Gustare Oils & Vinegars in Mashpee Commons.  Macarons are packaged in clear cellophane bags with red, pink and purple ribbons.  Each bag holds 3 macarons and costs $5.  This sale begins on Wednesday, February 13th after 11am.
This is a special, discounted price, only available while supplies last, and only available at Gustare Oils & Vinegars in Mashpee.  The lovely staff at Gustare will not hold macarons for you--they are doing Les Mesdames a favor by letting us sell macarons there, you must do them the favor of showing up in person (preferably with cash for payment) to get your last-minute Valentine's macarons.
Flavors include purple raspberry, red velvet, white chocolate rose, and double chocolate.
If you have any questions, please email Mesdames.des.macarons@gmail.com
 Merci! and Happy St. Valentine's Day!

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