Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Shari's Berries Shares in our Love of Macarons and more

Bonjour friends,

A fellow adoring fan of Parisian pastries at Shari's Berries reached out to Les Mesdames at the beginning of this year to share this most incredible and delightful info-graph. Julissa from Shari's Berries shares here, her love of macarons with the Macaron Ladies...

Macaron Ladies: When did you first try a Parisian Macaron? What did you think?

Julissa: I first tried a macaron about 8 years ago. A box was given to me as a gift and I became obsessed ever since. My initial reaction to them was that they were beautifully made colorful cookies, but didn't imagine that the taste could be just as pleasing. But it definitely was. I remember when the first Ladurée opened up in New York a couple of years after that, it was madness. I would visit the bakery at least once a week!

ML: Assuming you've had both, which do you prefer, macarons or macaroons?

J: It really depends on the mood. If I am reading a book or watching a movie, I could probably eat a whole batch of macaroons. With macarons, each flavor is so distinct that I prefer to enjoy only a couple at a time. 

ML: Do you bake? If so, what is your favorite item to create in the kitchen?

J: I do bake, but I'm pretty horrible at it. The only things I've really mastered are chocolate chip cookies and muffins, specifically pumpkin. Every time I try to get really creative with baking, it flops. So I just to stick to the basics and thankfully my co-workers haven't complained. Maybe I'll surprise them one day with something more adventurous.    

ML: Of all of the macaron flavors you've tried, what is your favorite?

J: My go-to is a pistachio macaron, with rose petal being a close second. Recently I tried a cookie dough macaron and I was pretty impressed. 

Thank you and Merci to the very friendly Julissa from Shari's Berries!

To see the info graph follow this link: Macarons Vs Macarons by Shari's Berries and learn the difference between macarons and macaroOns!

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